Welcome to CareerBot. Here you find our terms of use for our career chatbot service.
By accessing and using CareerBot, you acknowledge and agree to these terms:

1. Service Purpose

CareerBot is an automated digital service providing career guidance and labor market information. It is intended as a supplementary tool to aid in career decision-making and is not a substitute for professional counseling.

2. Accuracy of Information

CareerBot relies on algorithms and pre-programmed data to generate responses. While we endeavor to provide accurate information, we cannot ensure that all data provided by CareerBot will be accurate, complete, or applicable to your individual circumstances.

3. Professional Advice

CareerBot is not a licensed career counseling service and does not provide personalized professional advice. Users should consult with qualified professionals for specific career guidance tailored to their personal needs.

4. Limitation of Liability

The creators of CareerBot shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages resulting from the use or inability to use the service or for any information obtained from the chatbot.

5. Privacy and Data Use

CareerBot is committed to user privacy and does not collect or store any personal data from its users. Interactions with CareerBot are anonymous, and we take steps to ensure that all information remains confidential. Users are advised that any information they choose to disclose during the interaction with CareerBot is at their own discretion, and we recommend against sharing sensitive personal information through the chatbot interface.

6. Intellectual Property and Resources

The content and educational resources provided by CareerBot are part of an open educational initiative, financed by the Erasmus+ program. They are freely available for personal and educational use, designed to support and enhance career guidance. While users are encouraged to engage with and share these resources, it is expected that proper attribution is given to CareerBot and the Erasmus+ program as the source. Any modifications or derivative works should be shared under the same open terms, contributing to the community and honoring the spirit of open education.

7. Changes to the Service

We reserve the right to modify, suspend, or discontinue CareerBot at any time without prior notice. This may include changes to functionalities or the cessation of service altogether.

8. User Conduct

Users must not misuse CareerBot. Misuse includes, without limitation, interfering with the service, attempting to access it using a method other than the interface provided, or using CareerBot for unlawful purposes.

9. Governing Law

These terms are governed by the laws of the country where the headquarters of CareerBot’s managing company is located, without regard to its conflict of law provisions.

10. Acceptance of Terms

By using CareerBot, users are deemed to have read, understood, and agreed to these terms. Users who do not agree to these terms should refrain from using the service.

Contact Information

For questions or concerns about these terms, please contact us through our website HERE.

Effective Date

These terms are effective as of the date of your first use of CareerBot.