As career guidance practitioners, it is essential to stay updated on the latest trends and innovations in the field.

In this newsletter, as a final summary of the CareerBOT tool and training methodology, validated by national training outcomes in Ireland, Austria, Spain and Greece, we explore the CareerBOT tool and how it can be leveraged to support individuals in making informed decisions about their careers, and help guidance practitioners save time so they can dedicate their efforts towards the meaningful interpersonal career development of their clients.

The CareerBot tool training and methodology is designed to support practitioners in understanding how to use chatbot-based AI tools in the guidance process. The CareerBot training for practitioners offers context and resources on the evolving digital trends in employment as well as experiential-based learning strategies on how to effectively empower marginalised jobseeker to use digital tools to enhance their job searching strategies.

The CareerBot website is an openly accessible educational resource that presents our practitioner training offering in a structured and digestible way with direct access to the tool and Tutorial video material.

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